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While some may not pay attention to them, eyebrows play an important role in transforming your looks. Why? Let us tell you. It might be something to do with our mind’s ability to read patterns distinctly and relate them to symmetry. Due to this, eyebrows can really make an impact to make your face and features look more symmetrical.

Hence, it is no surprise that eyebrow embroidery is one of the most sought-after and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures in the beauty business right now. Other than this, the reason for the rising popularity of eyebrow embroidery is that it is among the very few procedures that give you stunning results within no time. Mere two sessions are enough to completely transform your look and give an effortlessly styled allure.

When done correctly, it can change the way you look and make your proportions look better. However, there are countless questions and myths attached to this procedure. One of them being that you can lose hair because of micro-blading.

Due to these questions and a few misconceptions, people often hesitate to get eyebrow embroidery done despite it being a very convenient and time-efficient way to make your eyebrows fuller and thicker. To make it easier for you to take the decision, we will answer the most inquired question about micro blading:

Can you actually lose hair due to eyebrow embroidery or is it just a myth?

Myth or Truth?

To understand this question, we must fully comprehend what eyebrow embroidery actually is. Simply put, it is a form of cosmetic tattooing to replicate your eyebrow hair and make them look fuller and more defined. The term tattooing confuses some people but despite it being long-lasting, it is not completely permanent. The amount of time it last is also heavily dependent on some other factors like skin type and the pigment used.

The term tattooing often confuses people to think that it is an intense process that can make you lose hair. However, the simple and straightforward answer to this question is NO, eyebrow embroidery will not make you lose hair.

Now we know that this simple ‘no’ won’t suffice and some of you may still have doubts. This is because we need to address the reasons why people think that eyebrow embroidery can cause hair loss.

Why do Some People think Eyebrow Embroidery Can Cause Hair Loss?

What people do not understand is that microblading is a form of art. It requires utmost precision and experience to master and practice on someone else. From grouping and symmetry to colors and shading, you need to keep a lot of things in mind when getting it done and only someone who knows the technique can give you the results that you want. However, unfortunately, this is not the case sometimes.

A lot of places offering micro blading have immature and inexperienced people behind the tools who have no idea how it is done. And if someone who hasn’t had any professional training in this sophisticated art tries to do it, they can make the matter worse by seriously butchering the job.

Most of the people who are concerned about their eyebrow hair falling out if they get micro blading done have heard about it from the internet and you might be wondering if eyebrow embroidery is not to blame then why am I seeing so many people telling their horrifying experiences online? Well, those people might be unfortunate enough to choose an immature artist.

The thing is that when someone who doesn’t how it is done does it anyway, they can seriously damage your eyebrow area. This can harm your hair follicles and prevent new hair from growing in that region. This is the scariest prospect of micro blading that people have faced but it is only because they put their trust and money in the wrong hands.

Micro blading when done correctly is the most transformative and satisfying process and many people would agree to this. However, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind before deciding to get micro blading done and that is to choose someone with the right technique and expertise.

Eyebrow embroidery is not something that anyone can do. You need to get a proper technique and master the art of the right proportions, grouping, and tattooing to get the hang of it. Always check out the customer reviews before you make the decision and make sure that the person behind the needle is actually skilled.


Although you shouldn’t have any doubts about it now, if you do, you learn how eyebrow embroidery is done. It is a popular cosmetic tattooing procedure that uses pigment to imitate soft strokes of your eyebrows and is a completely harmless procedure.