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Thinking about getting an eye embroidery session? Here’s what you need to know about this amazing technique before you hop on to this trend!

From celebrities to social media influencers, it seems like everybody these days is spending money to perfect their eyebrows. The internet is overflowing with trending videos of famous personalities getting eyebrow embroidery done to achieve that on-fleak look.

Eyebrow embroidery is a trending technique that can easily appeal to people who always wanted a fuller and bolder set of brows. This newly emerged method can transform your ill-shaped and less-defined brows into beautiful curves.

This treatment has just started to catch on in different parts of the world, so many people are unaware of its outcomes and have no relevant information about the procedure. In this article, we are taking the lead to share all the possible information about the procedure of eyebrow embroidery.

What is Eyebrow Embroidery?

If you are seriously thinking about getting eyebrow embroidery done, know that it’s very different from eyebrow makeup. It’s a semi-permanent technique that gives the desired shape to your arches and beautifies them to suit your features.

Eyebrow embroidery uses the technique of micro pigmentation to fill in your brows and make them more voluminous.

Think of this technique as a form of tattooing where a practitioner injects pigment into your brows to draw more hair and make them look bold. But know that eyebrow embroidery and eyebrow tattooing are not the same. Tattooing is a permanent method of drawing eyebrows, whereas embroidery is a semi-permanent technique where the ink used on brows usually fades over time. The embroidery method gives your eyebrows and faces a very subtle, no-makeup look.

Eyebrow embroidery is a holy grail for people who have had serious hair loss after chemotherapy or pregnancy. Perfectly healthy individuals, who just want to enhance their brows also find this method quite helpful and appealing.

How Is It Done?

It’s a straightforward procedure that involves no tattoo machine—just a licensed practitioner with a manual tool. The artist or the technician uses a tool that contains a fine blade with tiny needles having ink or pigment that is injected into the dermis layer to draw artificial hair.

The pigment used in this procedure stays true to its color for months or even years before it starts to fade. This is something that makes embroidery different from brow tattooing. You can also get the ink custom-made to match your true brow color.

With this treatment, you can get a perfectly defined set of brows that are meant to give you a subtle, natural look. The results achieved from this treatment are better than any brow makeup, no matter how good your makeup skills are. Eyebrow embroidery is effective, safe, and an absolute life-saving technique for perfectionists out there.

Here are some more things you must know before getting eyebrow embroidery.

Get your Skin Ready for The Procedure

You must come to your appointment with well-rested and hydrated skin to avoid the prospect of any side effects after the treatment. Avoid getting a lot of sun exposure before your treatment as it can disrupt the natural state of your skin. Also, if you frequently thread or wax your brows, try to do it at least a week before your appointment.

It Takes a Few Hours

The first and most important step of the process is deciding the shape of your brows. When it is done, the artist working with you will apply the numbing cream on your skin and start micro blading. The whole procedure of eyebrow embroidery takes about 2-3 hours, so be prepared and take some time out of your schedule before booking an appointment.

The Process Doesn’t Hurt

Needles going into your skin sure sound painful, but with eyebrow embroidery, you should know that the process doesn’t hurt at all. Eyebrow artists usually apply numbing cream on your brows before starting the procedure. You can feel a little sensation similar to tweezing which can be a little annoying but is not painful.

Aftercare is Important

Although allergic reactions after this treatment are very rare, it is better to maintain proper aftercare to avoid possible side effects. Use mild soaps to wash your face after the treatment and avoid touching your brows unnecessarily.


Eyebrow embroidery is a life-saving technique to get fuller and more defined brows without applying a ton of makeup. It is a risk-free method to get on-fleak brows that will keep your appearance neat for months or even years. But be sure to choose a licensed brow artist that uses safe practices to avoid the risk of allergies and infections.