Tweezing, trimming, mapping and filling in. These are steps some of us drearily follow every morning, just so we can achieve a pair of brows that bring some definition to our face. Sometimes, they don’t even come out the way we want them to. One higher than the other. Another darker than the other. Or worse still, both in completely different styles. If only we could wake up with perfectly groomed eyebrows without the hassle of our methodical brow routine… Well, could we?

What is Eyebrow Embroidery?

The Science of Eyebrow Embroidery: How It Works and Why It Lasts

Enter eyebrow embroidery, or microblading, a semi-permanent fix to perfectly drawn eyebrows. Somewhere in between eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow tinting, results from this procedure last for about one to two years with proper care and maintenance. Depending on the kind of brow style you want to go for, microblading can help you achieve full and natural-looking, well-defined brows without the application of makeup and other cosmetic products. 

How is Eyebrow Embroidery Done?

Being very delicate, intricate work, eyebrow embroidery requires the expertise of a professional and experienced eyebrow artist and cannot be attempted by yourself at home. The procedure usually covers three stages over one to two hours. The artist begins by shaping your eyebrows according to your preferred look, then, he/she will apply numbing cream before commencing the microblading process. This involves implanting pigment by lightly penetrating the skin with a blade consisting of tiny needles to create realistic and fine hair-like strokes resembling the short hairs of an eyebrow. The process is typically painless if not only accompanied by mild discomfort similar to getting an ant bite.

Why Eyebrow Embroidery?

The Science of Eyebrow Embroidery: How It Works and Why It Lasts

Eyebrow embroidery is a hot favourite among people for many reasons. Compared to eyebrow tinting, microblading offers a solution that lasts longer without the need to constantly retouch every four to six weeks. On the other hand, it doesn’t last as long as eyebrow tattoos, which usually stay for a lifetime and pose as a weighty and daunting decision to make. Because eyebrow tattoos can develop a blue or greenish tint over time, many also see it a less ideal candidate when considering permanent makeup options.

It is helpful to keep in mind that eyebrow embroidery or microblading results are also heavily dependent on a person’s genetics and lifestyle choices. As the ink is embedded directly beneath the surface of the skin, skin regeneration can affect how fast the pigment is broken down and thus, how long the skin can retain the colour. Simultaneously, individuals who have gone for microblading treatments are also advised to pay careful attention to the upkeep of their newly made brows to keep them looking good for an extended period of time. Taking into account all of the above, the fact still remains that microblading is running at the forefront of permanent makeup alternatives, and is much more widely chosen than its counterparts in recent years.

Who Can Do Eyebrow Embroidery?

Despite eyebrow embroidery being highly safe and relatively painless, further consultation and assessment may be necessary for some individuals with pre-existing conditions or circumstances. For instance, women who are pregnant or nursing are generally advised against going for microblading as hormonal changes during this time can affect the healing process, leading to unsatisfactory results. There is also the risk of passing on the infection to the child, should a microblading-related infection occur when the individual is nursing.

People with skin sensitivities need also be mindful of the effects that entail microblading. As conditions such as eczema and psoriasis may cause the skin to heal differently, this may give rise to complications and suboptimal outcomes that can influence their appearance. Others with allergies to chemicals that may be present in microblading procedures, have certain health conditions, or have recently gone through surgery may also seek advice and clearance from healthcare professionals and trained eyebrow artists to find out if they are fit for eyebrow embroidery. 

When Can I Do Eyebrow Embroidery?

The Science of Eyebrow Embroidery: How It Works and Why It Lasts

Apart from being in tune with your body and knowing if you are in the right health to cosmetically enhance your brows, it helps to plan ahead for your microblading appointment by taking into consideration future events and convenience. The general timeline indicates that the treatment itself should last between one to two hours, before a recovery period of four to six weeks for the result to be set in stone (or rather, skin). Assuming that the eyebrows match up to your expectations, and that you devote the right amount of care into maintaining them, this effect should last from anywhere between eighteen (1.5 years) to thirty months (2.5 years). As such, it may be helpful to chart out important occasions such as weddings, travels, and even other medical procedures, such that neither of the treatments, events, or your recovery clash at any juncture and come in the way of each other. 

Where Can I Do Eyebrow Embroidery?

There are numerous places one can engage in eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, and while most are situated in malls and the city, some have taken to setting up shop in heartland areas where they are most accessible to people everyday – just like us. At BrowSugar, you can find reliable and masterful eyebrow artists who can guide you towards a safe and relaxed journey towards beautifully realistic eyebrows, whether you’re in for linear, short, arched, tapered or others.

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