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Thinking about getting eyebrow embroidery but not sure what type will suit your face? Well, here are several different types of eyebrow embroideries available in the market that you can choose from to achieve an effortlessly groomed look.

Tired of spending hours perfecting your eyebrows every morning? Eyebrow embroidery is an easy solution for you to save time and effort. With a good micro blading solution, you will not have to worry about filling in your eyebrows with a pencil every time you want to go out. Permanent makeup is now becoming increasingly popular, especially eyebrow embroidery and this is the reason why more and more people are leaning towards this smart and efficient way to always look good.

However, making up your mind about eyebrow embroidery is not where the struggle ends, it is where it starts. After you decide to finally get it done, you will probably find yourself in an endless kaleidoscope of different types of Micro-blading and micro-shading options

Despite the fact that there aren’t countless types of eye-brow embroideries, you can still end up all confused and clueless because you will probably have no idea what you want if you are getting it done for the first time. Do you want a soft look or some seriously defined strokes? Maybe you want to fill up only certain parts of your eyebrow without making it look unnatural, or you might just be looking for a fresh ombre effect that will go with all your makeup looks. Either way, it is not hard to find an option that will best suit you.

You will be given the option like ombre powder, 6D micro-blading, and 9D micro-shading. And this is enough to confuse you especially if it is your first time getting eyebrow embroidery done. To make it easier for you, we are going to list down all the different types of eyebrow embroideries so that you can decide which one will better suit your taste.

  1. Ombre Powder Brows

If you want a soft finish and natural-looking embroidery, then this is the option for you. The ombre powder is also commonly called a misty brow look. This kind of eyebrow embroidery is extremely popular now since the ombre brows look more natural and are in trend. The unique thing about ombre powder is that the embroidery is thicker and darker at the edges whereas it is soft and blended where the two brows meet. The lighter embroidery seamlessly blends into the darker tail and gives a very natural yet elegant-looking appearance.

This can also be a good fit for you if you have very thin brow hair or no brows at all. The ombre effect doesn’t overpower the rest of your makeup and perfectly blends into your skin without making it look too unnatural.

  1. 6D Micro-Blading Brows

Micro blading is semi-permanent tattooing that will give you an on-fleek look. The strokes are a lot more defined than the ombre powder brows. Micro blading is done by Nano-blades that help you achieve light and precise strokes to resemble your eyebrow hair. This type of embroidery is extremely common since it gives you an effortless look and saves you the time and trouble of having to fill in your brows every single day.

The Nano-blades are first dipped into a pigment and then used to carefully thread the embroidery onto your skin. The soft featherlike strokes are implanted on your epidermis which gives you a natural yet effortlessly groomed look. This type of eyebrow embroidery is the best option for you if you already have a good amount of eyebrow hair and looking for a simple way to make your eyebrows look more defined and glamorous.

  1. 9D Micro Shading Brows

Do you want something in between the ombre powder brows and micro-blading? Then this is the option for you! Most people prefer the ombre brows because of their soft look but they also want more density to cover up the patches where they don’t have any hair. Well, the micro shading is the sweet spot between the two that you will fall in love with.

It’s a more defined and precise version of micro blading with thinner strokes and more volume. The micro shading is done with a combination of thin feather strokes and dots between the brow hairs to make your eyebrows appear fuller. The primary difference between micro-blading and micro-shading is that micro-bladed brows have thicker and more visible strokes whereas micro-shaded brows usually have more stroke density and dots all combined to make your eyebrows thicker without creating heavy strokes.

These are three of the most popular types of eyebrow embroideries that people get. You can choose according to your taste and the best thing is that these are semi-permanent tattoos and can be removed easily.